Steps for Making a Retirement Plan and How to Choose the Right One

Pasos para hacer un plan de retiro y cómo elegir el adecuado
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Whether you’re young or a mature adult, it’s never too late to learn the steps to making a retirement plan. Why should you do it? Simple: organizing your retirement finances in time for retirement is key to enjoying your golden years.

You may consider it premature to devise strategies to save for your old age. However, this is the way to have enough savings to maintain your quality of life once you can no longer work or wish to take a few sabbaticals.

Otherwise, you will have to use a more significant percentage of your earnings in your later productive years to put into your retirement fund, and this can be a major hit to your pocketbook considering market costs.

The 3 steps to make a retirement plan

The advantage for residents of countries like the United States is that insurance companies and savings banks offer a variety of alternatives to plan your retirement and even invest in increasing your money years in advance.

From Lifeempower, we offer you 5 simple steps to make a retirement plan and general considerations about the modalities that exist and can better adapt to your financial situation.

Figure out how much you need

The first step in creating your retirement savings strategy is to establish a goal amount. Assuming you will only live on this fund, knowing how many dollars a year you can live on is essential.

For example, with $50,000 per year and then multiply it by 25, i.e., by the time you retire, the account should have a balance of $1,250,000. As you can see this is a large sum and to get it, you have to save for several years.

Income Study

Once you know how much money you need to save for your retirement, it is time to determine your annual income and establish the percentage you can allocate for retirement savings.

According to the general rule, $30 from your salary will be enough to nourish the fund if you start early. However, ideally, you should first calculate your fixed expenses and then determine the amount you can set aside.

If you usually spend all the money that enters your account monthly, you must control and establish consumption priorities. This is a constant sacrifice, so you must remember that it is for your financial peace of mind in the future.


The next step is to consult with the insurance agency or bank retirement funds to find out which savings and investment methods are available to you. The banking entities will explain the rates, taxes, and legal conditions regarding this type of savings plan according to your occupation, annual income, and family situation.

If you want to know the type of retirement plan you need, contact our agents at Lifeempower. If you are a young person and want to increase your savings, you can request investment options or borrow funds to generate interest. In all cases, we will advise you and help you create the best retirement plan.

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