Permanent Life Insurance

Permanent life insurance is essential if you are middle-aged, have two or more dependents, have a severe health condition, or even if you perform work that involves risk.

Plan for your family's stability

Permanent Life Insurance

For many people, thinking about illness and death is a complicated topic. However, it is still important and a reason to plan for the future.

Permanent life insurance is a type of policy that delivers a certain amount of money to the beneficiaries with no maturity period. Once contracted, monthly or annual installments will be paid until the policyholder dies; then, the persons entitled to collect the insurance can do so and even recover the amount saved, if applicable.

Life insurance is indispensable

Protect the future of your family members when you die

There are several types of permanent life insurance contracts. They can be traditional, universal, variable, or mixed. In all cases, you enjoy coverage until your death with only a few differences:

  • Traditional: the most requested by users since it allows for the insurance of thousands of dollars in exchange for periodic payments that may be subject to increases or modifications under the insurance agency’s terms and conditions.
  • Universal: used to place the holder’s savings funds in an investment or interest-bearing account. Often useful to reduce annual insurance premium payments.
  • Variable: allows the insurance agency to use a percentage of the annuity to invest and generate long-term extra income to your account. The balance will always depend on the results of the investments in the stock market.
  • Mixed: mixes the characteristics of variable and universal permanent life insurance.
Enjoy your old age

Live your golden years with peace of mind

At Lifeempower, we know that your primary motivation to get a term life insurance policy will be your future and that of your family, so we offer you complete advice in the process and help you find the insurance company that perfectly suits your needs.

You do not have to worry about the administrative procedures since we accompany you from the first day and are entirely in Spanish.

You only have to contact us. In a short time, you will receive the information about the quotes you need to protect your family’s economy for years or decades.