Pre-need Arrangements Insurance

All aspects of life can be planned for, and death is one of them. Do it with the help of pre-need settlement insurance.

Prevention is better

Pre-need settlement insurance

This policy covers funeral expenses, like traditional final expense insurance, but with several attractive differences for people of productive age.

The first thing you should know is that you are personally in charge of defining your funeral service details with a specific funeral company. You should choose from the variety of options on the market in the great state of Arizona and determine the details of your final ceremony directly with them.

Take the burden off your family members

Pre-insure your funeral service

Deciding to take out pre-need arrangement insurance ensures that all final disposition of your body is done as you wish and takes the burden of decision making off your loved ones.

Whether it is the type of casket, colors, types of flowers, decorations of the wake room, burial place, or waiting time for the funeral, you can put all these details in writing in the pre-need arrangements insurance contract.

The amount set for the funeral service can be paid in full in a single transaction if you wish. The best part is that it will be anchored to current market prices, meaning your relatives will not have to add money to pay.

Your wishes will be fulfilled

Leave your final disposition in the hands of professionals

By contracting the pre-need arrangement insurance, everything is left in the hands of the funeral director. On the day of your death, all your family members have to contact the authorized person. The entire plan you left in writing and paid for will be put into action immediately.

This saves time and money that your relatives will value and give you peace of mind, with a contract to guarantee that your decisions will be executed to the letter and in the stipulated time. Do you have any doubts? Just contact us to advise you throughout the process and help you get the best alternatives on the market.